Performance Measurement

Turning performance data into actionable insights

We are driven by performance—beginning with our name.

We measure the effectiveness of our work in search, social and beyond through a variety of key performance indicators, prioritized in partnership with our clients based on brand, program and channel goals.

To best align with these goals, KPIs span all areas of the marketing funnel, helping track awareness, engagement, conversion and loyalty behaviors. To capture the best view of our performance and how it’s impacting our clients, success can be measured through a customized combination of performance analytics, individual platform metrics, social sentiment, media effectiveness, multivariant testing and cross-channel attribution methods.

Foundation of our measurement approach


Built on business objectives and outcomes

Every channel or tactic that we recommend and optimize ties back to your business objectives.

Optimize and refine

Performance reporting helps us measure progress against business goals. But just as critically, it feeds a cycle of continual collaboration and optimization that allows our team to quickly adapt to account for what’s working and what’s not.

Report early and often

Continuous reporting and analysis allows us to hold ourselves accountable for results and learn from our efforts in the short term and the long term.

Provide insights and context

Raw data doesn’t tell the whole story. Without the right context, data can be misleading. We tap into a deep understanding of the industry, news and culture, technology and day-to-day activities of your audience to provide the broader picture behind data, along with recommended actions.

Discovering trends in real time, and over time

Our performance measurement partnership includes ongoing communication, data analysis and insights, reporting and optimization of programs. Constant account monitoring and fluid communication are key to uncovering opportunities for on-the-fly optimization of our search, social and media performance.

Monthly site and campaign performance dashboards
Channel effectiveness analysis
Analysis of site metrics, including lead funnel reporting
Ad hoc alerts to changes in the campaign
Media spend monitoring and management

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