Paid Media

Leveraging sophisticated targeting opportunities to engage niche audiences.

OutPerform provides paid media management across the digital spectrum, including CPC, CPM, content promotion and retargeting campaigns. We use customized techniques based on unique platform and campaign goals.

Our digital media service capabilities include all aspects of media planning and buying—channel strategy, research setup, ad creative and copywriting, targeting, management and optimization, and reporting.

Digital media strategy and execution is a key component of OutPerform’s commitment to content that’s intended to increase awareness to specific audience segments, augment and expedite organic efforts, and engage and convert target audiences. Our deep understanding of audience segmentation and content strategy constantly informs our media approach, starting as early as the ideation stage of the content creation process. Our performance marketing team works hand in hand with our creative team to craft custom media messaging and calls to action that speak directly to target audiences.

With performance top of mind, OutPerform constantly monitors, tests and optimizes our paid campaigns for spend efficiency, KPI/ROI success and optimization opportunities. Consistent analysis and testing means that our campaigns offer performance-based agility.

Approach to paid media

Finely tuned campaign strategies

Combining audience and performance marketing research with custom targeting analysis, we identify the best paid distribution and channel strategy for each campaign.

Creative content that shines

Strategic creative and digital ads engage the right audience and stand apart in a crowded digital landscape.

Constant monitoring and maximizing

With an eye toward the greatest ROI, we consistently and proactively make optimization and budget adjustments across omni channel campaigns.

Holistic analysis and recommendations

With detailed reporting, we continually assess results in each area of a campaign to help make strategic, performance-based decisions on where the budget can best be spent to meet a business's goals.

Effective calls to action

We A/B test ads and landing page components for optimal click-through and conversion rates.

Our paid media expertise

As part of any paid media initiative, we execute a quick, but thorough discovery phase aiming to define business and channel goals, along with strategy


  • Search Engine Marketing: pay-per-click advertising and dynamic search ads, shopping engine and product listing ads
  • Video promotion & YouTube advertising
  • CPM campaigns
  • 1st party data targeting, acquisition, lookalike
  • Segmented retargeting
  • Content syndication & promotion
  • Paid social media
  • Native content placements

Discovery Phase

  • KPIs around awareness, consideration and conversion
  • Analytics audit and findings
  • Audience research (or leveraging research provided)
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Keyword research and segmentation
  • Budget planning and recommendation
  • Account build
  • Technical tagging
  • Analytics access

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