About Us

The art and science of performance marketing.

OutPerform is an independent performance marketing agency and a division of Manifest, one of the largest independent content marketing agencies in the U.S. We design and execute omni channel performance marketing strategies to acquire, engage and convert digital audiences. Our in-house expertise spans organic search, social media, distribution and channel strategy, paid media planning and conversion rate optimization across the healthcare, technology, insurance, financial services, B2B, consumer packaged goods and retail industries.

OutPerform was formed as the result of a research project assignment from Microsoft’s mobile division. Tasked with reverse engineering the search engine algorithm to better understand which factors impacted mobile searches, we built a large-scale network of websites and tested structural, content and off-page elements to measure their search engine impact. The results launched one of the first boutique search engine marketing agencies in 2003 and laid the foundation for our performance-driven approach.

More than 16 years later, we’ve evolved our practice and methodology to prioritize creative strategy because we understand that performance marketing is just as much art as it is science.

By integrating the science of algorithms with the art of creative, we ensure that we acquire, engage and move audiences across the digital ecosystem.

We are the performance marketing division of Manifest, one of the largest independent content marketing agencies.

Born from the journalistic principles of truthfulness, urgency, uncompromising objectivity, impartiality and purpose, Manifest combines over 30 years of content marketing experience with more than 20 years of experiential design expertise.

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