Conversion Rate Optimization

Test, eliminate, evolve

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing a website to elicit specific visitor actions by analyzing on- and off-page behavioral data, evaluating feedback, testing webpage elements, monitoring results and adjusting strategy to meet the business’s goals.

Ensure your marketing efforts reach their true potential

Regardless of the purpose of your website, there is always a desired user action driving the site as a whole and individual webpages. Where user experience is designed to provide the optimal experience for users, conversion rate optimization ensures that the user‘s experience also meets the business’s needs. Whether we’re optimizing to generate more leads, sell products or support ad revenue, OutPerform can create and execute a custom CRO strategy that will keep your users engaged while also improving your website’s user action and conversion rates.

Where excellent user experience meets excellent ROI

Our approach to conversion rate optimization spans multiple disciplines to ensure optimal user experience, brand representation and performance. Understanding how users interact with your website and identifying dead ends, areas of hesitation and obstacles allow us to pinpoint elements of your site that may be preventing conversions. Once we understand the user's current experience, we can evaluate where the user's optimal experience may be costing the business its optimal ROI. What is best for the user is not always best for the business, and our CRO strategies are designed to create an experience that meets user expectations while also improving the business’s ability to convert those users to leads, sales or frequent visitors.

Connecting visitor intent with conversion opportunity

Each of your website pages has a unique purpose and goal. Similarly, the traffic that your website receives from multiple channels and sources will have different intent. Your blog‘s goal could be to drive more multipage visits through content exploration, while the product page goals are to drive revenue. Traffic from search engine queries may have a higher purchase intent than initial visits from social media. Our CRO approach works to optimize each page for desired goals, as well as create cross-functional optimization elements that can keep users engaged on the site and more likely to convert no matter their initial intent.

Evolutionary design through conversion rate optimization

OutPerform’s CRO offering can also assist in providing a road map to a future website redesign. Before you invest in a new website, let us help you test new layouts and wireframes to ensure that they do not lead to loss of revenue. Our learnings from various forms of testing can also help create a natural evolution of the website as winning test elements are incorporated into the permanent design.

Test, eliminate, evolve
Hypothesis statements
Testing element identification
Coding and execution of A/B conversion tests
Expected time to statistical relevance
Evaluation of performance and recommended next steps

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