Performance Content

Content driven by organic search and performance media insights

We understand the influence and overlap that content marketing and performance marketing share.

With content in our DNA, we build custom content to support performance marketing business objectives, specifically focusing on organic search opportunity and paid media support. We call this “performance content,” and it is crafted in conjunction with our partners to serve a dual purpose of driving organic search visibility and traffic, while still producing high-quality, behavior-driven content that engages and informs.

Performance content:


Builds out the resource of evergreen content

This content maximizes editorial and marketing investments while providing additional category and topical relevance on-site.

Prioritizes organic search goals and strategy

By leveraging search behavioral trends, SERP insights and keyword analysis, performance content can fill relevance gaps and drive both short- and long-tail search traffic.

Is planned around service and product insights

Social listening and SEO insights can drive content that will support and augment existing performance media programs.

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